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About Us

Here at RaceWire Solutions, we have taken a much hated project among racers and designed a simple, yet effective way to wire your car in one centralized location. Gone are the days where your under dash wiring looks like a ball of spaghetti.

We take pride in building customer specific, electrical control panel systems for all of your racing or street requirements. All of our systems are built per customer, and on a per order basis.

We start completely from scratch, and can design anything you could possibly dream up. We don't start with a "universal potted" relay board and expect it to work for everyone. We design and wire all circuits around your system needs, requirements, and space constraints. We can design something to fit just about anywhere.

The most important thing of all is affordability, and we personally take that into account on each and every order. We have a wide array of projects to fit into ALL budgets.