Deutsch Bulkhead / Panel Connectors

Deutsch Bulkhead / Panel Connectors


  • Deutsch HDP20 Series

    Deutsch plastic shell HDP20 Series provides quick and easy coupling and cost effectiveness with heavy duty terminations for the truck, bus and off-highway industries. The HD20 is a heavy duty rated, environmentally sealed, and multi-pin connector that uses a bayonet coupling system to provide a vibration resistant locking mechanism Fabricated from tear resistant, high temperature silicone, and a rear grommet, the HD20 contacts are protected from moisture, sand, dust, lubricating oils, fuel, road salt, hydraulic fluid, grease, mud and other contaminants encountered in heavy duty operations.

  • The HDP20 Series is a heavy duty rated, environmentally sealed, composite shell, multi-pin connector. The composite thermoplastic shell is ideal in applications where chemicals can damage a connector housing. HDP20 features quick connect-disconnect bayonet coupling, single hole bulkhead mounting, silicone seals, and a rear insertion/rear removal contact system.receive an email with a buildsheet to fill out.¬†

  • All connectors come with Flange receptacle, plug, Two 90 degree boots, jam nut, lock washer, pins and sockets.

  • All connectors are available with the billet alum firewall mounting plate (pictured)

  • Wire Arrangements available for 14ga/16ga wires¬†

  • 14 Pin - (14 total Size 16 pin)

  • 23 Pin - (23 total Size 16 pin)

  • 31 Pin - (31 total Size 16 pin)

  • Combo Arrangements with Size 12, 16 and 20 pins (EFI / Sensor) wiring

  • 21 Pin - (4 - Size 12 Pin, 17 - Size 16 pin)
  • 29 Pin - (4 - Size 12 Pin, 19 Size 16 pin, 6 Size 20 Pin)
  • 33 Pin - (33 total Size 20 pins)
  • 35 Pin - (32 total Size 20 Pins, 3 Size 16 Pin)
  • 47 Pin - (42 total Size 20 Pin, 5 Size 16 Pin)

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