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RaceWire Auxillary Relay PDM-01 Standard 12 Relay

RaceWire Auxillary Relay PDM-01 Standard 12 Relay


  RACEWIRE Solutions is proud to introduce a new line of Auxillary Relay PDM units for drag race and street cars. The PDM system is capable of operating in high vibration environments such as drag racing, off-road, and strip/strip cars. These PDM units use common plug-in fuses, relays, circuit breakers, resistors, diodes, etc. These modules are 200 amp capable, and IP67 rated for moisture and sealing if the need is there.

    This unit is designed for the consumer who wants to wire their car themselves without the hassle of using “Universal Green PC" type relay type boards.

Each PDM unit comes with the relay/fuse block, 15’ wiring harness for each relay output, 2ft wiring harness w/ Deutsch connector installed for the inputs, and 6ga Power cable. 

PDM-01 - Standard

  • 12 - 35 amp relay circuits 
  • All prewired
  • Either 12V or GROUND Activated Relays
  • 15ft Wiring Output Harness to all accesories
  • 2ft Wiring Input harness w/ Deutsch Connector

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