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RWS Billet Steeeing Column Turn Signal/Head Lights/Horn Switch

RWS Billet Steeeing Column Turn Signal/Head Lights/Horn Switch

This for pre-orders currently!

Coming soon....column mounted turn signal switch with horn, interior lights, parking lights and head lights....all in one switch!  No more cheap 1970s toggle switches here....3 position clocking for different driving preferences.  These will mount on a 1.25" dia tube, and also available separately for a panel mount too.

Final 3d printed version will be completed early next week, then full billet version will follow soon thereafter. 

This will be available with an optional relay module below to control everything on this switch for a complete stand alone product. Includes turn signals, brake lights, parking lights, head lights, horn, and ignition relays. This will include a 6ft input harness to mate up with the column switch, plus 15ft of output wiring for all of the module outputs.

 I have relay modules instock for this, and anticipate the final billet product and switches ready to roll out in 3-4 weeks.

***All parts will be anodized black.  The blue one pictured is just the 3D printed part for testing.

We're still shipping, because race cars are essential.

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