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Basic Control Panel System

Basic Control Panel System


  This control panel system was designed around a customer who knows how to do their own electrical wiring, but wants an affordable way to centralize all of their wiring.  With this control panel and options, you will be able to operate a standard race car with up to one stage of nitrous.  While very similar to the universal control system we offer, this bridges the gap between our Universal and Full Custom panels.

    With this system, all circuits are pre-wired on the control panel for you.  Once you receive this system, you will need to connect your switch panel wires to the 14 Pin Deutsch Input Connector.  Once that has been completed, when your switch is activated the respective relayed circuit located in the 31 Pin Output Connector.  

Basic Control Panel Specifications:

  • 10.5" x 12" in size, optional 10.5" x16" or 12" x 16"
  • Mounted on a .040 carbon fiber sheet
  • 1/4' powder coated frame with mounting tabs
  • 14 Pin Deutsch Input Connector
  • 31 Pin Output Connector
  • 15ft Output Wiring Bundle
  • Can have 4 different relay configurations
  1.           6 - 50 Amp Relays
  2.           8 - 35/40 Amp Relays, and 1 - 50 Amp Relays
  3.           7 - 35/40 Amp Relays, and 2 - 50 Amp Relays
  4.           10 - 35/40 Amp Relays          

  • 4 Battery 12v fused circuits
  • 4 Ignition 12v fused circuits
  • LED Indication light to show when the ignition circuit is active and wired up properly.
  • All connections are double crimped using connectors with an extra sleeve that crimps the wire and the insulation together.
  • All crimped connections have double wall heat shrink (with glue between layers) installed to seal each connection.
  • All systems use button head, polished stainless screws with stainless polylock nuts.
  • All systems are rated to operate with input voltage of 12v-24V.
  • These are made to operate in the harshest of conditions, where the consistant vibrations in a race car are of no concern.
  • All systems come complete with 6 feet of power and ground  wires for you to connect at your battery.
  • All systems also come with ring terminals for input and output connections, heat-shrink for each connection, and copper ring terminals for battery connections.
  • All systems are pre-tested before shipment to verify everything works as described.
  • All systems also come with a wiring pinout sheet showing what every terminal screw does, where it goes, and what color wire it is.  

Basic Control Panel Optional Items
  • 15ft Output Wiring Bundle
  • Turn Signals
  • 1 Stage Nitrous
  • Large Fuel Pump Relay
  • Extra Relay Circuits